Homosexuality and Gay Marriage Essay

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Homosexuals in North Carolina
Alex Jasinski
December 22, 2014
Timothy Resh
University of Phoenix
Homosexuals in North Carolina
Being a homosexual is difficult to understand within the southern states like North Carolina. People in state of North Carolina look at homosexuality as a sin in the eyes of God based upon their religion beliefs. Also, the gay community has been fighting and will continue to fight for equal rights. The gay community, known as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender), want the same rights and freedom as heterosexuals in North Carolina and the United States. Homosexuals want to be able to get married and have a family just like the rest of the couples in the United States. Being a homosexual in North Carolina is very difficult because everyday someone who is a homosexual has been bullied, harassed, physically abused and looked down upon by others as if he or she isn’t even human. Homosexuals deserve equal rights: right to marriage, right to live under same rules as other, and to be treated with respect.
Living in North Carolina is very difficult on the gay community. A lot of North Carolina’s residents don’t believe that gays should have the same rights as heterosexual people. People who live in N.C. were brought up with religion in their lives. Some people say “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.” (Fairchild, 2014) The way the people were brought up is that marriage should only be allowed for a man and a woman. (Fairchild, 2014) Religious organizations have been fighting against gay rights and doing all they can to prevent them from getting married and being proud of whom they are. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, 2014) Most people in N.C. are trying their best to make it hard for homosexuals to get the same rights that is guaranteed in the United States Constitution. They need all the support that they can get so that they will have the freedom to marry who they want. As of October 2014, gay marriage became legal in N.C. but now that is being fought in court to overturn the federal court that over turned the states constitution band on gay marriage. So there is still a fight to gay marriage legal in N.C. Homosexuals in N.C and other states in the south want to be treated equal by having the same rights as those who are living in the northern and western states.
Homosexuals want the same rights as the heterosexuals have. They want the freedom to be who they are and for people treat them as if there is nothing wrong. Gays have been fighting for equal rights in N.C. for many years now. It is a constitutional right for citizens to be treated as equals under the law. Based on what has been displayed on the news and written in the articles, homosexuals want to be treated like the rest of the population. They want to ability to make choices when it comes to life or death situations that a straight couple has the right to make. As it stands now, homosexual couples don’t have the right to make those types of choices even though they are legally married in states that recognizes gay marriage. Also, they wan ability to add their spouse to his or her health insurance plan just like heterosexuals. It is unacceptable how counties, states and people treat the LGBT community. They should have the same rights as heterosexuals in the U.S and in N.C. (Richard, 2013, p4) The LGBT community deserves to have the same equal rights as straight people.
Homosexuals are not treated like others in the community. Homosexuals are almost anywhere in a community. LGBT are being harassed in school, at their place of employment, at shopping centers, and even at public events. No one should have to go through what they are being put through. Gay teens are committing suicide due to them being bullied in school and