Essay Homosexuality and the Church

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Homosexuality and the Church

Social Justice Issues
On a Sunday in 1968, Troy Perry started a movement for homosexuals and the Catholic Church that we’re still pursuing today. The church does not take well to homosexuals so one day Perry borrowed a minister’s robe and started a church for gays in his living room. The question that is being brought up today is should gays have a church of their own.
Since then, Perry’s Metropolitan Community Churches has a presence in dozens of places around the U.S. as well as overseas that openly acts as a refuge for gay Christians. Although, as time goes on and acceptance of same-sex relationships grow, churches are becoming more open and welcoming gay Christians instead of expelling them like the earlier years. The fellowship is at a crossroads and is wondering are churches specified for gay Christians needed anymore?
As I previously stated, the church today is a bit more diverse. MCC pastors say they see growing numbers of straight friends and family of homosexuals attending the MCC because they want to be in a gay-affirming environment while other MCC pastors say that some congregations haven’t changed much over the decades. Many, though, are emphasizing a broad social justice agenda that include serving the homeless and the poor.
Rev. Dan Koeshall, senior pastor at the MCC of San Diego says, “It wasn’t a decision that caused any controversy or split. It’s just been moving in that direction. We know that our target audience is the LGBT community. But we’re also attracting people who are saying, ‘Yes, I stand in solidarity with you and I want to be part of this.”
MCC brings together many different Christian traditions under one roof and that is often a struggle to stay friendly in the outside world but the common denominator is a belief that Christians can be in a same-sex relationship and still be faithful to the Scripture.
A lot of churches have now eliminated the barriers for gay clergy but they still allow the local church officials to decide their own policies. Only does the United Church of Christ out rightly supports and accepts the LGBT community.
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