Homosexuality: Psychology and Controversial Topics Essay

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Dontrell White
CM107 College Composition 1
Mary Kaulfus

Controversial topics in psychology: Homosexuality
Psychology is fundamentally the scientific study of behavior and the mind. Since the inception of psychology, or rather, it is acceptance as a likely field of study psychology has tread delicate water as the public opinion as regards to its various theories, assumptions, and methods has always bordered on fear mixed with doubt. There are certain outstanding elements that make a psychology subject more controversial than the rest. For instance, how recently psychology was added within the scope of a topic of attention, dissection and discussion. Usually, the older a topic gets, the more people tend to get used to it attracts less controversy.
Psychology has its fair share of controversial topics. For instance homosexuality is a vast area of focus. Over the years, the question whether homosexuality is a psychological condition has arisen more often than not. The negativity surrounding homosexuality can somehow not also be ignored. Whether the stigma, fear and disgust that surrounds homosexuality is justified are among the controversial topics in psychology relating to homosexuality.
Homosexuality as an alleged psychological condition is an area that interests me particularly much and moreover an area I would like to research and write about. It touches me to see homosexual people who might not have had control of their status stigmatized or looked at differently in society. I hold the belief that it is in essence a psychological condition and would like to fully analyze and write about this particular psychological condition…