Homosexuality: Same-sex Marriage and Homosexuality Essay

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Why so Differently?
Being different colour, shape, gender, a different culture is like being gay; being different, but if we are allowed to be different colours, be any shape, be any gender, or even come from any different culture, then why are people not allowed being homosexual? James M. Barrie once said “As soon as you can say what you think and not what some other person has thought for you, you are on the way to being remarkable”. Being different is not very hard but accepting that you are, is challenging. Throughout the class we watched many different documentaries on marginalized voices and one of them was about marginalizing homosexuality because of religion. In my opinion homosexuality should not be marginalized because: Everyone has equal rights; they do not harm other people; and a lot of religions allow it.
In 2004, Canada legalized same sex marriage. Where homosexuals were given rights to get married. We live in a world where an individual is allowed to free and do anything it wants, and by anything meaning anything that is legally allowed. If we, straight people are given rights to take part in marriage and be looked as a normal couple then why can’t a homosexual who loves another gay person be able to be together? Or even be respected as a normal couple? It is only because they are the same gender. When there is a black and white couple, society does not say anything or even when a mixed marriage is happening where the two cultures are different, still not a sound, but when it comes to a gay couple everyone starts talking. An individual is given the right to be gay, straight or whatever therefore people should not have anything to say or do towards that specific individual. When watching the documentary “Cure for Love” there was this one scene where Jon mentioned how he started cutting himself after coming back from the ex-gays and he came out as being gay. He said that he was doing that because of the pressure from his family and friends, how they would never speak to him if he was to continue being gay. Society says that homosexuals are not the right kind of people but it is not like we play our part and help them out, but yet get these kind of people into situations where they start committing suicide or just hurt themselves just like how Jon started doing only because “we” do not like the fact that the same sex couple want to be together. Instead we are the one harming them. Personal meaning you own. If a person wants to be gay that is not your problem. You have nothing to do with it. We as individuals are allowed to have the right to have an opinion but that should not have an effect on anyone but your own self. If a person wants to be gay let him/her be, there is no power that could stop them other than themselves. Going way back when there was no such thing as homosexuality to now where a lot are gay, the majority of the society seems to be accepting homosexuality more so the lesbian part of it. In one of our class discussions we talked about how nowadays people have nothing to say when it comes to lesbians but still do not like gays. In cure for love Jon, Brian, and Anna, the three struggled throughout the movie because they had to choose either they want religion or to be gay and be able to practise their religion. Brian and Anna chose to follow their religion and not be homosexuals but Jon found another way where he could follow his religion and be gay. Brian who is married to Anna, he seems really positive and happy as a straight married couple, but Anna, throughout the movie she looked depressing and disappointed almost as though she was forced to marry Brian and now she cannot do anything. Anna seemed like she wanted to be single, straight and practice her religion but for her to do that she had to marry Brian. Many religions around the world allow homosexuality and many do not. This is where it gets hard, let alone friends, family and everything else; I feel that when it comes to