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Cassidy Stevens
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Hon Hum
January 8, 2014
Annotated Bibliography
John Locke
Hillard, Richard L., and Hillard Richard L. "John Locke." Great Lives From History: The Seventeenth Century (2006): 1. Biography Reference Center. Web. 6 Jan. 2014. Summary: This article on John Locke goes into detail about John Locke’s early life, his life’s work and the significance of his accomplishments. It gives exact dates and years of events that occurred in John’s life. This article describes the extraordinary intellectual legacy Locke left behind for the world. There is a full understanding of his background, growing up and whom he grew up to be.
Assessment: This article is very useful for learning about Locke’s early life and what he accomplished in his later life. It is very reliable, containing many specific dates, names and places. This article is slightly biases because of the very positive manner it presents the life events of Locke. It is not very available to high school students due to the length and density, but there is many useful key points.
Reflection: This article is useful for a description of Locke’s lifespan and his achievements that he made in life. It helps shape an argument for the positive differences Locke made in his lifetime. The article is useable in an argument by describing Locke’s contributions to the world. It has changed how I think about John Locke in a positive way because before I read this I was not aware of his achievements and contributions.
"LOCKE, John." American Reference Library - Biographies (2001): 1. Biography Reference Center. Web. 6 Jan. 2014.
Summary: This article quickly covers the events throughout John Locke’s life. It includes specific dates and years of certain events and jobs.