Honda Canada Case Study

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This paper will outline our recommendations to David Gardner on how to communicate with Honda’s key stakeholders effectively.
Given the current situation, employees are anxious about the strategic direction of the company. The question on everyone’s mind is whether they will be laid off or not. The priority for Honda Canada should be to release an internal statement ensuring employees that Honda is committed to its presence in Canada and will not be pursuing workforce reductions. However, Honda Canada must emphasize that the earthquake in Japan has created a tumultuous time and that every member of the Honda team must come together to ensure that Honda’s brand image is preserved. This will improve employee morale and ensure that they understand the importance of the team coming
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We recommend that Honda Canada should clearly communicate with the dealers that there will be a decrease in production due to supply chain issues. However, to prevent leaking important information to competitors, correspondence to the dealers must not delve deep into the specifics of how the supply chain is affected. For the purposes of Honda dealers, the impact of the supply chain issues to the dealers only, is enough information. This transparency in communication will allow dealers to adjust their expectations and take extra measures to control expenses for the near future, until the supply chain is fixed. This will help soften the negative impact to the dealers’ bottom lines. The added benefit of being transparent will also send a positive message to the dealers, showing that Honda Canada cares about its dealers and is willing to communicate with them to ensure that the team gets through difficult times. Ultimately, this communication strategy will help dealers improve the work environment at their dealerships, further improving the morale of employees, which will benefit the communication with