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PlayStation 3
Samuel Lee PlayStation 3 is a home video game console produced by Sony computer entertainment. Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation3 to the public on 2005 along with a boomerang prototype design of the Sixaxis controller. The PlayStation3 competes with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. The PS3 has a slim and round shape so people can easily put it in their shelf and enjoy the games. The PS3 is sleek and shiny in all black. They have a sensor button that turns on when you glide your finger on it. The main customers for PS3 are the hardcore gaming community. These people are usually men from the ages of 15-30. However, with the PlayStation 3’s support for Blu-ray technology, the secondary customers would be those interested in the highest quality of movie entertainment; this group could be anyone of any age. The PS3 has all the features for consumers to enjoy for long term. The firms that succeed in competitive markets have a clear understanding that they must first determine what consumers want. However the weakness of the PS3 is higher price than competitions. It costs $200 more than the Xbox 360. Even with the higher price, Sony lost about $300 on each console due to expensive manufacturing costs. On the other hand, PS3 lacks original games. PS3 launched with 15 titles, but most of these were already available in Xbox 360. In addition, Xbox and Nintendo Wii had higher game ranking titles