Honda Civic Si and Car Essay

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Prepared For: Mrs. Townsend
Prepared by: Stacy Holloway
February 20, 2013
6120 Economics and personal finance
Block 7

Car Project

Prepared For: Mrs. Renee Townsend
Prepared By: Stacy Holloway
6120 Economics and personal Finance
February 20, 2013

First, the career I have is in the field of medical research and dentistry and my average salary was approximately two-hundred thousand to three-hundred thousand. To be exact the career I have in detail is a dental surgeon or what some might call dental specialists. For this project the three cars I had was a 2013 Honda Si civic sedan, a 2013 Porsche panamera Turbo S, and a 2013 Ford Mustang GT 500. The insurance companies I researched and applied my quotes from were Progressive and Geico. The two banks I used were Bank of America and Capital One to find discounts on my auto financing.

The first car I researched and the car of my choice was the 2013 Honda civic sedan Si. The dealership I had was located in Virginia Beach, VA named Checkered Flag Honda where you can customize your Honda of choice to make certain mods or add specifications to the car. I chose the 2013 Honda Civic sedan Si because of many different reasons ranging from gas mileage to interior design. This car is very special as I researched it has one of the five lowest miles per gallon for 2013 excluding hybrids and electric vehicles. My exterior design was a charbroil grey with 16 inch alloy factory Honda wheels and the inside interior was black leather and cherry wood. Along with the inside interior it has many accessories such as a linked navigation system, emergency road side assistance, an I-MID which is a information-media intelligence director which can be an synonym for the I-phones 4s “surrey”. This car’s starting price is eighteen thousand one hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars and one hundred and eighty nine dollars a month for thirty-six months. It also is only twenty eight miles per gallon and thirty seven miles per gallon on the highway. It also includes down payments with no security deposit and excluding taxes, titles and dealer fees.
The second car I researched was the 2013 Porsche Panamera Turbo S which had a starting price of one hundred seventy-five thousand and two hundred and twenty eight dollars. The dealership that I used was also in Virginia Beach, VA named checkered flag Porsche motors. Out of all of my three this would have been the least responsible buy due to the price along with my income. The exterior was a cherry red with Porsche specialized exhaust pipes with a top speed on one hundred ninety two miles per hour. With a stellar design this car also received 4.5 out of 5 safety stars as far as exotic vehicles go. With the help of the twenty eight hundred add-on patent leather seats this car is a comfortable design between excellence and comfort. I also used the twenty ten rule when getting this car due to price of this vehicle and the down payment which escalated a little over the twenty ten rule but due to the fact of not owning a household the rule was not applied in this situation but is applied in everyday life. My mom can relate to this not only that she works in the money market of selling insurance but she also wants a new vehicle to buy, not to lease or finance but a permanent stable vehicle. This car’s add-ons at the minimum was at least twenty to thirty thousand dollars. Being the newest model that it is the exterior is a mix between pearl white and beige which was one of the first colors on a Porsche to be made by factory dealers. This car also goes along with my budget I only spend a certain amount on expenses but this car wasn’t in my budget so I had to change and make my standards of living higher if I was going to be able to save up and afford this car. This projects can also incorporate with money skills about how to use money and make investments with a critical mindset. With that being said I learned not to choose the