Essay about Honduras: Guatemala and Beautiful Geographical Landforms

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Honduras is a land of many diverse people and beautiful geographical landforms, but its diversity did not come together all at once. It took many years for the county of Honduras to become the way it is today. The mountains of Honduras made it very difficult for people of different areas to communicate to one another.
This meant the cultures had a hard time finding similarities in their cultures to become what Honduras is today. Because Central America is the midway point between North and South America, this made Honduras have many different cultures due to the large amounts of people who traveled through it over the years. (Pages 23-22)

People believe that the first people to arrive in Honduras came from Asia, or
Polynesia. This accrued over 10,000 years ago. The people who settled there were hunters that lived in caves. Once agriculture was introduced thousands of years later,the people got more advance. The most advance of these ancient civilizations was the Mayan civilization. They reached the land of Honduras in the fifth century
A.D. and rapidly spread through the Rio Motagua Valley. They built trade networks of trade spreading as far as Central Mexico.This was one of the biggest trade networks at the time. (Pages 24-25)

Honduras was taken over by group after another until the Spanish Conquest.
Honduras had its first encounter with this new dominate force during Christopher
Columbus’s expedition in 1502.On August 14, 1502. He named