Honeyland Essay

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1. Image that you are in charge of logistics for a small exporting business such as Honeyland. What are the difficulties you need to think about ?
1.1 Cost – New Zealand is far off the main shipping routes and transport costs are high compared to countries that are in the center of the world trade network.
1.2 Time Of Shipping - Normal shipping time to Japan 10 day on average . However , in reality it takes much longer for a shipment to arrive safely to the customer. I must calculate exactly date , example actual date when the goods arrive and give extra time when promise to customer maybe 14 or 16 days, do not mention 10 days. If urgently can use International freight forwarder but it more
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Everything prepare by logistic company.
3.2.2 Sue will get better negotiation price , because this activities are contract term, maybe the longer contract , maybe less price.
3.2.3 Sue it will get more privilege when she wants to send the goods, example since there have a contract , the shipping company will give space whether at the harvest time.
3.2.4 Sue can more concentrate on marketing, quality control or packaging rather than think about logistic.
3.2.5 Sue can arrange time more specific if there have contract with logistic company. Example logistic company will give schedule for shipping and Sue can arrange time for send the goods to Singapore.
4. What would have been an alternative entry strategy for the Japanese market? 4.1 Make sure the product in good quality and have a guarantee of quality.
4.2 Have a good relationship with Japanese company and people who directly buy from hers.
4.3 Stability in price , Sue can use USD as currency for business transaction because it more stabil and can avoid to much loss on exchange. Compare if using New Zealand currency.
4.4 Sue can provided one branch in Japan means all the honey product can get easily by Japanese , there no need order every time when there need honey.

5. Do you think the company should expand or diversify. 5.1 Sue should expand or diversify , her business :
5.1.1 To improved the quality of the product - when the company want to expand their market ,