Hong Kong and Speech Festival Essay

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Once I was a timid and introverted girl. I am not good at expressing myself and communicate with my classmates and friends. My teacher hope that I could be braver to talk to everyone and express my feelings well, so she encouraged me to participate in the speech festival when I was a primary 4 student, both the Chinese and the English one, and this inspired my potential in the performing a poem, I was not shy as before, I was dare to express my thoughts. Henceforth, I participated in every year’s Speech Festival, wether Chinese nor English, even Mandarin. I know practice makes perfect. So, I am not afraid anymore.

When I was in Secondary school, I became more active and restless. As I was a cheering team leader, I needed to led my members to practice and had competition. I know that sportsmanship was very important in a race. Afterwards, when I was a senior student, I became the house captain. I gained a lot of precious experience in every inter-house competition. I know school was an epitome of society, we will not win in every competition even we did try our very best. In this important year, the chance of being a captain let me know that I was capability of being a leader, except this, I got a balance between my studies and extra-curricular activities, what I had learnt was time management, it was the very first thing before we started any work.

My another turning point is self-enroll in the Applied Learning courses, the theater introductory courses at the Hong