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Jose Rivera
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ENC 1102
The “What Ever it Take’s Path” In Eudora Welty “A Worn Path”, an old black lady by the name of Phoenix Jackson steels the reader’s heart. The almost impossible journey on a cold December day through tuff, rough and gloomy Mother Nature roads towards the city of Natchez. Accompanied by a cane made of an umbrella an enormous heart her amazing strength and a week old mind, which prove to be all she ever would need for her long journey. Old Phoenix Jackson will deal with many small and big obstacles involving Mother Nature and some unpleasant moments which won’t stop her from her loving duties to her Grandson that is awaiting back home for the medicine he needs to feel better. Eudora Welty create a very determined poor old lady struggling with old age very bad eye sight and more than one obstacle in her path to the city of Natchez which she needs to overcome in order to reach her final destination wear there awaits the location where she will pick up and bring back home her grandsons medication. Welty don’t say too much about the Grandson character. All that it makes the reader believe that he needs his medication for an ill throat do to swallowing lye. Welty give some small hints to the reader about Phoenix journey going into the long exhausting winter Path before she come across that specific moment in the story. For example: “Something Always Takes a Hold of Me on this Hill” (Welty334). She was referring about the