Hong Kong, History, And Travel Tips

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1. My project is going to introduce Hong Kong to classmates. Talk about the Hong Kong‘s history background, and show classmates how to travel in Hong Kong. I’ll introduce the travel spot, local food, transportation, and some culture things in Hong Kong to them.
2. I’ll be learning more history background about Hong Kong that how Hong Kong has rapidly become an international city from a British colony, how Hong Kong has become a Special Administrative Region in China. In order to seek out the knowledge that I need to complete this project, I’ll do the research from the Internet and research guides.
3. I will make a pamphlet, which include the introduction of Hong Kong, history, and travel tips. And I will also make a power point.
4. I will make 4 main steps for this project. 1. Do the research about Hong Kong for this project (30/1/2015) ~ 2.) Make a power point for this project (10/2/2015) ~ 3.) Make a part for showing the travel tips in Hong Kong to classmates (20/2/2015) ~ 4.) Make a pamphlet (30/2/2015), and I’ll spend the rest of the days to fix my project.
5. I think I would spend 15 hours on doing the research about Hong Kong, 5-7 hours on making the pamphlet, 8-10 hours on making a power point, 4-5 hours on idea thinking, 2-3 hours for me to buy the stuff for the project, and 2 hours for the details description thinking.
6. I will need to buy a brand new pamphlet, glue, color paper, around 30$ for funding.
7. My Estimated expenses would be around $30 dollars, $10