Hong Kong Housing Problem Is Not Only Attributed to the High Population Density Essay

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Hong Kong Housing Problem is not only attributed to the High Population Density Every Hong Kong citizen knows one of the grave troubles in Hong Kong is housing problem. The order of severity can be apparently reflected by many figures in recent research studies. ”Rents up 22 per cent in Hong Kong“ (2011) remarks that “the price of renting two-bedroom accommodation rose by 22% to US$2,830 a month between 2009 and 2010“ (¶2). Subcommittee on Building Safety and Related Issues (2010) also observes that “from 2005 to 2009, the [Buildings Department] received a total of 2,890 complaints concerning sub-division of flat units” (P.3). Housing becomes a luxury commodity. Many citizens of upper class own a few big hair houses for trading with …show more content…
In the recent decade, mainland pregnant women bear babies in Hong Kong in order to get the right of abode of the babies. According to “HA hikes fees for pregnant mainland women“ (2007), “the number of children born to non-Hong Kong permanent residents in Hong Kong hospitals has increased almost 100 times from 2001 to the first 10 months of 2006” (¶11). As family members of the babies, permanent residents of Hong Kong, those women can soon apply for immigration. Although the birth rate in Hong Kong is among the lowest in the world, such enormous immigrants every year increase the housing demand in a situation that the housing capacity is not enough. They give pressure to the public housing as most of the immigrants come from low income families, making the situation worse and worse. In conclusion, the housing problem in Hong Kong is attributed to several factors. It cannot be denied that the high population density in Hong Kong is a main reason. But obviously, high land premium policy of the Hong Kong Government and the hoarding of the residential land by the property developers are the most important wherefores. The land is sold to property developers with premium. The property developers build houses and sell them with premium. Finally, citizens bear all the cost. This is a serious problem to those low income