Essay about Hongkong Disneyland

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1. Introduction 3 2. External Analysis 3
2.1 PEST 3
2.2 PEST Analysis Overview 6 3. Internal Analysis 7 3.1 SWOT Analysis 7 3.2 Implications of Assessment 9
4. Industrial Analysis 10 4.1 Perceptual Map of Disneyland Hong Kong & its competitors 10 4.2 Porter’s 5 Forces 11 4.3 Porter’s 5 Forces Overview 14
5. Objectives 15
6. Strategy 15 6.1 Ansoff Growth Matrix 16 6.2 Position 17 6.3 Reposition 18 6.3.1 Sun Tzu Art of War Strategy 19 6.3.2 Attack Overview 23

Contents 7. Proposed
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Secondly, the economy boom increases the cost of leisure time which decreases demand for traveling. The people become more ‘money minded’ and could only afford short trips since leisure time has become limited and expensive. For the tourism industry, it would mean an increase in competition as they compete against price and value.
* Opening of Disneyland Shanghai. The opening of Disneyland Shanghai faces its challenge of the acceptance of American cultured company such as Disney. High nationalistic country China has a history of being bullied by the West and now that China has become a stronger economy, they will not let it happen again. It is essential that Disney overcome this, else they will just be repeating history again. * Brand image diluted. Disney is seen as a company that teaches good life values. However, the issues Disneyland Hong Kong is facing reflects a lack of social responsibility, hence they are contradicting what they preach and causing a negative perception of the brand value.
* Improved travel technology. With the improvements in modern technology, air travel is getting cheaper, faster and more convenient, thus people are more willing to travel. * Award for one of the best airport. Hong Kong International Airport is voted second place of World Best Airport in 2009; this attracts more travelers to Hong Kong and in addition because of easy connections to other parts of Asia. * Improvements