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When I picked up this book I thought that it would be a more laid back approach on marketing yourself via social media. This book is more of a “how to” book to make an impact on your personal brand and how to use all different forms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to accomplish your goals. I liked the fact that this book did not use as many technical terms throughout Shama Kabani really tried to get on the readers level and take it step by step to make sure that they were understood. This book had more general information about using social media sites and if you consider yourself advanced it might not benefit you as much as a beginner but is still a great read for tips that you might not know. I thought that in chapter 1 when Kabani talks about the framework for marketing online (ACT) was something to take away from the book. A stands for attract to attract means to get attention or stand out. This means attracting traffic to your website. C stands for convert, conversion happens when you turn a stranger into a consumer or customer. And there is a difference between the two. A consumer may take in your information or even sample a product, but he or she may not always buy. Over time, that consumer may become a customer. The more expensive a purchase is, the longer it may take. This means that you constantly have to work to convert people into consumers and customers. T stands for transform, you transform when you turn past and present success into magnetic forces of attraction. (The Zen of Social Media Marketing pg. 4) For example use photos to attract people to your site and then they are able to look at all of the products that you are selling.
In the following chapters social media importance is stressed greatly. Why is it stressed? Social media sites are where the people are, advertising is slowly falling to the wayside because we trust our friends more than ads and social communities are “breeding grounds” for interaction.
Basically the rest of the book focuses on the different tools for social media marketing which include the leading sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. “Facebook has more than 500 million active users and is constantly growing,” Kabani says in The Zen of social Media Marketing as he makes his case. Over 500 million people use Facebook everyday to interact with friends. Network or use this site to promote their company and make sales online and all of these people are able to engage in Facebook because of skills