Honors College Application Essay Examples

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Ever since I was a young girl, I have had the everlasting desire to help people. Therefore, over the past few years, I have realized that this drive to aid people has transformed into the aspiration to pursue a possible career in psychology. With this being my major long-term goal, I know that the Honors College will assist me greatly in research abilities, rigorous thinking, and communication skills. Being a part of the Honors College will allow me the skills to discover the diverse areas of psychology within a supportive community. This community of the Honors College will grant me the ability to become exposed to many diverse individuals from different backgrounds, and through this, I will be able to gain an understanding of others and …show more content…
Being a part of an experience of studying abroad will open new doors for me to understand and learn more about other countries and use this knowledge throughout my entire career and life. As well as this, my communication skills will continue to be enhanced through exploring other environments and cultures. Because of my long-term interests in both psychology and communication, studying abroad can further allow me extensive skills in understanding the different values, backgrounds, and thinking patterns of humans of all ages and conditions. Therefore, the many programs and support that the Honors College provides will ultimately assist me very greatly in all aspects of my life, such as setting the groundwork for a transforming and rewarding career and expanding my knowledge and appreciation of other cultures and people from many different backgrounds. By being a part of the Honors College, I believe that I will be able to grow as a person academically and socially, and ultimately, I will be able to be very well prepared to accomplish the long-term goals that are most important to