Honors College Research Paper

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Joshua Hughes
Professor Nicole Varty
English 1020
1 November 2015
Why Honors? We are a part of many discourse communities in our everyday lives. Discourse communities are groups of people who share similar beliefs, values and assumptions. Two communities that I consider myself to be a part of include the honors college at Wayne State University (WSU) and the traditional undergraduate college at the university. Although there may be many similarities between the two undergraduate colleges, there are also many overwhelming differences.. The benefits attached to being apart of the honors college include extra resources that are provided, the recognition, and the differences in education we receive that allows us to become well rounded students.
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The students argue that not being in the honors college allows them to eliminate the “unnecessary” courses that the honors college requires its students to take. Students in the traditional undergraduate school are more likely to only take classes that pertain to their major and the field they aspire to build a career in. They also argue that by not being in the honors college, they are able to dedicate more time to their other studies and also have time to spare. This allows more students in the traditional undergraduate school to be able to maintain a job while continuing to attend school. The importance of time management is crucial to having a triumphant experience throughout college; by not being required to take classes that do not count towards your specific degree, students are able to construct stronger time management skills and achieve their goals without further distractions. Being apart of the traditional undergraduate college is a win-win for students that desire to maintain jobs and hobbies that follow them into college. Students with hobbies which include: playing sports, building model cars and airplanes, drawing, traveling, playing a instrument, etc…, have more time to pursue their passions. Depending on the university's population, about 73% of first year freshman's work jobs either on campus or off campus; this allows students to collect and save money, which will allow them to pay for school and have extraneous cash to personally spend on themselves. A traditional undergraduate experience is also better for students who just simply enjoy taking time off and