Honors English 1102: Journal Analysis

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Though one might think an art major would find little practicality in a class such as Honors English 1102, the class in fact is vitally important in an artist’s life and career. Students with majors that are not directly tied to writing may feel that English classes are unnecessary or unhelpful for their careers. Honors English 1102 can prepare even art students for the rest of their lives as seen in the journals Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents and Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing.
Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents by Keith Grant-Davie helps show how Honors English 1102 is valuable in preparing me as an art student for my life and career. In this journal, Grant-Davie discusses rhetorical
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This writing describes the benefits an English class can have on rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, writing processes, conventions, ability to compose in multiple environments, and habits of mind. As mentioned before, all majors use writing in some form and this article helps me be aware of the benefits of my English class and be sure to best ensure their appreciation and use. The rhetorical knowledge can prepare me to analyze communications throughout my life. Critical thinking can prepare me to be able to hold my own thoughts and beliefs. Having a better understanding of writing processes can also help me in all writings I compose. Learning proper writing conventions can also help ensure that my writing will be understandable and polished. Composing in various environments is beneficial for flexibility as a writer and could also be translated to benefit the composition of art in differing ways. Lastly, my English class can help my habits of mind such as openness, engagement, creativity, persistence, responsibility, flexibility, and metacognition. These habits can be beneficial for all forms of writing as well as my artistic career through the easily transferable benefits. Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing helps show how English classes benefit students in wide ways and help me be aware of the benefits to best use