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Shortly after gold was discovered in California, Humboldt Bay was thought to be the fastest way for miners to get up the rivers to the mines that were supposed to be the backbone for industry in Northern California. What was discovered however, was that the true gold and real profit was lumber, a sustainable industry that could help the community in a number of ways. Not only would lumber support Humboldt County and surrounding areas while being first developed, but it plays an important role in everyday lives of people around the world to this day and will for generations to come. If given a shirt that said “The Timber Industry helped pay for my education”, the most common question I would most likely be asked would be “How”? It is quite simple though. Timber is a renewable resource which, when harvested properly, does little damage to the soils and allows for multiple generations to come from the parent generation first planted. Its products are used in everyday lives of citizens, such as the foundation for houses, burning for heat, paper, and in more than half the products we use every single day. It is one of the only resources that can be completely recycled which is environmentally friendly. It is unlike the production of oil, gas, and plastic where after a single use it is all used up. Instead, timber allows for the initial profit of the wood, profit from the product produced, and use of the product. The most important part: It provides the community with jobs. Jobs are created when there is a need for the trees to be planted, harvested, made into logs, paper, materials, and supplies, and shipped. After being shipped, there is a need for sale of the product. All along the way however, this wood is being taxed, which again brings profit to the community where it is produced. When looking at the larger picture, it is all a cycle. The timber industry first profits from the initial product and ability to reuse the land, however, it is the community that receives the largest benefits by getting the product, money from the product, and the ability to recycle and reuse that resource. I personally would be benefitting from the timber industry because they are what got this community started in the first place. They are the backbone of everything I cherish. Financially, they would be supporting me because all of the time, effort, and money that goes into the