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Athena Mohr
“HOOK” Assignment I decided I wanted my career to be in the health field when I found out my Grandmother was dying. She had stage IV cancer, primarily in her lungs along with her bones and liver. When she was staying in the hospital I was with her almost every night I could be. The nurses were amazing to me, they would make me laugh; make me cry at times but only the way an impacting person could. They doctors and nurses would hug me. They were so reassuring and did everything possible for my Grandma. Their love for me and how much they helped my Grandma and I, along with the rest of our family, really made me start to think about doing something in the medical field. Then as she turned down chemotherapy she continued living the rest of her life at home with a hospice nurse. She was there in the worst and best of times. She always seemed to make things seem like they were happening for a reason; like God made it happen to put her out of pain. She had a positive outlook on both life and death. As this all came to an end all I could think in my mind was how I wanted to help change the health of our next generation-the generation that would one day be grandmas and grandpas. My Grandma and her nurses will always have a place in my heart carrying me through college to get my degree. After seeing the impact the nurses had on my Grandma and our family I would love to impact kids in that same way being as that is where my heart is. If they are healthy in the early…