A Short Story: The Story Of Little Chas

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Chastity woke feeling excited but a little nervous. The night before at the town fair Johnny Lewis had just proposed to little Chas. She was sure she loved him and that he’d be a good provider but the thought of having a family unnerved her and brought back a lot of memories. What had her father really been like? It had been almost eleven years since his death. Would Johnny be a good father? Would Uncle Micah and mother approve? She hurried down to the kitchen to deliver her good news.
“Mornin’ Ma, Uncle Micah,” Chastity said. “I got something I need to tell you.” She took a deep breath and then squealed. “Johnny wants to marry me. He asked me to marry him at the top of the ferris wheel last night.”
“Oh honey that’s great news. Oh my little girls all grown up,” Ma said jumping up to hug her little Chas.
“Well did you say yes? I reckon that boy come talk to me,” stated Uncle Micah in a fatherly tone.
“Course he will Uncle Micah. Will you give your blessin?” He didn’t say a word, just took a sip of his coffee and grinned. “Let’s eat our breakfast.”
They all sat down to toast and eggs. Ma was beaming at the good news of the morning. Chastity still sure on what to feel, sat down and picked up the paper and began to read. As she got to the front page of the sports section, the headline caught her eye.
“Ma look at this,” she cried. He’s made it. Says right her in the paper. Detroit Tigers’ Southpaw Bledsoe Pitches Perfect Game. Ma, Luke’s ‘n the big leagues.”
Ma grabs the paper, stares, and then starts to cry. Before long she stood up, straightened her skirt and then did the dishes. Uncle Micah went too go help her. I ran upstairs to my room. I was so excited to start writing my letter to Luke.
Congratulations Luke I saw the story ‘bout you in the paper. I have got to tell you something. Johnny Lewis asked me to marry… Knock, knock, knock. “I’ll get it Ma,” shouts Chastity as she runs to the door to see who it is. “Maybe its Johnny coming to get Uncle Micah’s approval,” thought Chastity to herself a little excited. Chastity opens the door,” Oh my Luke! It’s such a surprise to see you here. I thought you were in the big leagues now. I saw you in the paper and…
“Ya, um I am. I guess. I am here because I heard you were getting married,” Luke cuts here off.
“Oh Luke sweetie!” Ma grabs Luke into her arms.
“ It’s good to see you again trooper,” booms Uncle Micah.
“Come sit let me get some lunch, you must be starvin’,” says Ma.
“Why thank you Ma. Its been a long journey from Detroit.” says Luke. “Hey can I talk to little Chas for a bit ‘fore I eat.”
“Of course darling. Come on Micah I need help with the chicken.” Calls Ma.
“Come on Luke let’s go to my room.” Commands Castity. As they start walking to her room Luke says “Hey Chas. Does Johnny believe that you can still do good and play baseball. Does he think that being a lefty isn’t such a bad thing?”
“Of course he does. He is a minor league ball player and bats left handed. Why?” she questions.
“Well,” Luke mumbles, “I don’t want you goin’ off and marrying someone too much like Pa.”
“Ya, about that Luke what was Pa like. I don’t remember him very well since I was so little when he died.”
“Dad was…” Luke trailed of as he sat down at the end of Chastity’s bed. “Dad was a preacher. He believed baseball was the devil’s sport. He wouldn’t let us play any sports. He thought that the left hand was the hand of the Devil. As you

know I am a lefty and I love to pitch and I was even a pretty