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Hoover 1932 Election Campaign
Roosevelt 1932 Election Campaign
He proved that self-help is possible.
Said a great turnaround would happen soon and prosperity would return.
Organised the first scheme in the state of New York.
He Promised:
Government schemes to provide jobs.
Measure to revive industry and agriculture
Relief for the poor and the unemployment
Protection for workers against irresponsible employers
He promised to get rid of prohibition, which was unpopular.
He was an excellent public speaker
He travelled around to get his message across to the people and listen to their problems.
He convinced people that he cared and he believed having defeated the troubles in his own life he was well-qualified to now help the American people.
Self-help Sometimes people need a helping hand.
Believed business would end the Depression if they were just left alone and the government did not interfere.
Americans believed that it was Hoover’s fault that they were in the mess and that he was not doing enough to help them.
He believed that relief should be provided by local charities and governments.
He argued too much help would damage the spirit of self-reliance that had made America great.
He was perceived to be cola and uncaring.
Shanty towns where called “Hooverilles” and newspapers they slept in were called “Hoover Blankets’”
Roosevelt did not outline any his policies in any detail, but he spoke confidently about what was needed to end the depression.

Herbert Hoover.
Born 1874.
Both parents died at the age of 11.
Goes on to university, becoming a successful mining engineer.
Age 40 – he was a multi-millionaire who decided to go into politics.
Become an important figure in the…