Hoovervilles In The 1930's

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Imagine a safe place. Some place that could help people through some of their worst moments. Where it seems like the world could be crumbling around them but, as long as they stay put they will be okay. Back in the 1930’s , when The Great Depression was only starting, many people were looking for a place just like this. A place to call home. Many of them found a place somewhat like this. They were called Hoovervilles. Hoovervilles were communities of old shacks made out of junk ,they were made when people lost their homes. It, wasn’t much but, it was a place they could go and live with their families. During The Great Depression, Hoovervilles helped a variety of people get through tough times. Hoovervilles “ were unorganized areas of shacks made with crude materials,” (Hoovervilles). They started being made in the 1930’s. Hoovervilles were made out of discarded materials. The shelters were bad at keeping rain out and keeping warm . The shacks also did not contain a bathroom, (“The Great Depression : …show more content…
In May 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt became President and took former President, Herbert Hoover, out of office. President Roosevelt later on went on to create the New Deal. In 1941, employment levels increases which provide security and shelter for the formerly homeless Americans. Work Progress Administration, helped homeless into work-related programs. The Federal Transient Service was later on passed. This was a program that provided food, training, education programs, and medical care. In cause of World War 2 , many homeless were able to apply for the military or find employment in the war industries, (Weiser). Now, many people would come in and out of Hoovervilles because they would find jobs or better places to live. Eventually, by 1941 these makeshift towns were removed all across the United States, (“The Great Depression”). The Hoovervilles were not needed anymore now that the economy was back on