Hop Frog Argumentative Essay

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Teens, throughout history, expect great futures with no problems. But what they don’t keep in mind is the work they must do to reach that type of future. Throughout life they don’t keeping in mind what all of their decisions are and how they make affect their future. Your behavior in life affect the outcome of your future. For example, North Carolina recently passed a law that restricts transgender men or women to use public bathrooms of their birth gender; therefore, the state has taken huge hits that are making a large effect on the economy. Another example would be the irrational acts of the king in the story “Hop Frog”. He treats his servant and jester like trash, but this comes back to nip him in the behind. Teens are careless. Whether they drink underage or do drugs, it’s all going to catch up to them in the future. Obviously, no matter what situation you are in, your behavior and actions are going to have an effect on your future. In a recent news article, about the new act enforcing transgender right, North Carolina is pelted back with rage because of its decision. In March, a new act was made that bans people from using bathrooms that don’t apply to their biological sex. Ever since it has passed, famous musicians, such as Demi Lovato …show more content…
The king, and his other tyrants, always like to mess around with their servants and jester. One day, the king takes it upon himself to throw a glass of wine in the servant Tripetta’s face. Later on, Hop Frog, the servant, takes it upon himself to finally give the king what he deserves. He sent the king and his tyrants on covered in tar, and on fire, up onto the chandelier to burn. However, if the king never made them both feel so bad, he wouldn’t have been sent to his death. Obviously this story is harsh, but in real life, whether you commit a simple or serious crime, you are most definitely going to get punished whether you planned to or