Hope: Benjamin Franklin and u. s Citizen Essay

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The quote “He who sacrifices freedom for security is neither free, nor secure” is just a different form of Benjamin Franklin’s quote “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither”. From a political standpoint the decision to sacrifice freedom for security no longer exists in today’s society. All the choices are made for you. All you have to do is comply. For example: Say that you took off your license plate to your car and had to go to court and your reason for doing that was because it is a “free country”. It’s not going to work like that because there still are rules to abide by. In the meantime as you lose freedom, now you have less say so in the choices you make and less ability to do things without the government watching you. Referring back to Ben Franklin’s quote, it is agreeable because then you're just giving up your own Constitution that gives you rights while being a U.S citizen.
Throughout history many people who has given up their freedom for the sake of security has only received tyranny. However from a moral standard you have to think about all the pros and cons about this idea of if you give up freedom for security is neither free, nor secure. If you take a look and break down the quote sacrificing freedom for security is not such a bad thing because now you don’t have to worry about the dangers of attacks or crime in America. Just think about roaming the streets and knowing that you're safe from any acts of violence. It’ll feel pretty good,