Hope For Love: My Life In Ashley Lee's Life

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Polished Writing #3 Ashley Monroe

I‘m in the crowd, feasting my eyes upon the great John Lennon as his smooth voice echoes into the microphone. “Imagine all the people living life in peace, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one” he says with hope in his heart and a smile on his face. Many people gape at the sight of him but I just stand there and think. As thoughts swim through my head I realize that hope is what everyone has in common, through the good times and the bad we all hope for something to change. Some people may dream about piles of cash, others about love, and the ones like me only dream for peace. When I look back up I see that he is playing my favorite song ‘Imagine’, my heart starts to wilt as I think back to all the other great speeches given in the world, some were hoping for equality, unity, or even just plain ole freedom. I walk over to a tree and lay down as I hear his voice fill the air, just as I was about to lose hope and return to the swarm of people a cream filled flower falls into my lap. Carefully I take the flower and put in against my nostrils letting the scent of vanilla seize my body, replacing my thoughts with happiness. “That is a beautiful flower” a negro girl says as she skips along the path to the front of the crowd. All of a sudden I remembered the I have a dream speech Martin Luther King Jr. said as he stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It came across my mind that he also had hope, he hoped that someday African Americans would be equal to every other citizen in America. Many people back then were cruel to blacks, children were put in separate schools, parents hated the opposite race, neighborhoods were divided, and worst of all blacks had to eat outside. Racial injustice was everywhere, guilt pounds over my chest as I realize that maybe my parents were racist. Then all of a sudden I remember that there were some whites boycotting with him as he fought for what he believed in. “Happiness is the key to life!” John Lennon says as he start to float through the crowd talking to everyone about there own happiness. Out of the corner of my eye I see a figure walking in my direction. He sits next to me and just as I was about to move he says “What are you thinking about?” Just then I turn my head and see John sitting in his tie-dye shirt and striped bell bottoms. When I get done explaining he stands up and walks back to stage. “I just talked to one of the most intelligent lady I’ve ever met. I want a show of hands of all the people in this crowd that knows a man named Abraham Lincoln” he says as everyone raises there hands. After a while he starts to ramble on and all I can think about is Abraham Lincoln, he fought for unity and perseverance. He hoped for the unison of the northerners and southerners. Abraham Lincoln gave The Gettysburg Address to motivate everyone to have a peaceful life and be a whole. When my mind clicks back into place I notice two men standing in front of me. “Pretty groovy concert huh” says the smaller man with a straw hat on. “Yea” I reply in a shy tone ‘these guys are really weird’ I think as they start to sit down. “My name is George and this is Lennie” the small one says pointing to a big bulky guy sitting next to him. “We were hoping to find some land somewhere around here so we can build a farm and have tons of rabbits hopping around” Lennie says as he looks to George. When they turned around and looked to John I saw a piece paper sticking out of Georges pocket that had different places that were hiring on the front. They need a job to pay for there land I think as I stare at the back of the two men. The back of there pants showed years of hard work had been done, and it occurred to me that they were working for there goals. These people didn’t want unity or peace, all they wanted was independence and a happy life. When they finally walked away I thought about how much hope