Essay on Hope: Maslow ' s Hierarchy of Needs and Outcast Society Author

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De’Jae Vaughn
2013 June 13
English 1B
The Adventures of an Outcast Society
Author Sufi wrote an remarkable tale on the human desire of wanting to belong. Wanting or being part of something bigger is a must in order to live a happy and successful life according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. As humans we need the feeling of being belonged rather its with fashion, religion, policies so on and so forth. We (humans) will go through hell and back to make sure we are the outcast. A perfect example of this is the idea of beauty in America. Similar to the tale many Americans follow the trend of beauty; having straight hair, pale skin and a slim waste. The outcast in this situation would be the mean and women of all nationally who didn’t fit in with those categories year after year goes by and slowly but surely many of the outcaskers as gone to great lengths to fit in frome bleaching of their skin, perming of the hair and going to extreme diets.All to fit in with America’s idea of beauty Me being human ha I too have followed and can identify with the man “in this tale something we might over look in which we do everday that follows trends, is the the art of music .On many occasions imight have heared a song song on the radio and didn’t like it .however after hearing friends,familyand other fellow peers sing it eventually the song grows on me similar tho the man I find myself fellowing the trend brcausr I like the feeling of belonging,knowing,relating ang contributing
All in all