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Hope V.S. Heartbreak In the book, The Iguana Tree, there are several accounts of personal achievement and suffering; so fasten your seat belt ‘cause you’re in for a bumpy ride. Hope is shown throughout the book; whereas heartbreak is spread out within the book. In the beginning, Hector has hope that he will make it across the border; likewise, Lilia’s heart was breaking every day that her husband was not with her. This book will send you on an emotional roller-coaster; it will have an impact on anyone who reads it. We all hope, it is the very thing that keeps us alive. Hope is an emotion that every human has experienced at one point or another. Hector seems to be the most hopefully spirited person within the book. Although if it wasn’t for Miguel’s wittiness; Hectors attitude might have been different. Even though Hector and Miguel were sealed under the bed of the toy truck, Hectors hope only grew stronger. Hector believed that the plans he had for his family and he was going to flow accordingly. Hope is a sentiment that can enrich almost any situation. Most women have been proven to be naive, which makes them susceptible to heartbreak. Lilia’s life was very sheltered; she did not have much knowledge about the world around her, yet like a lot of women she was most certainly headstrong. This trait precipitated her to get raped, and it also caused her to lose her baby. Lilia thought that she knew it all; moreover, like most naïve young people she did not listen to…