Horizontal Violence In Nursing

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Horizontal Violence in Nursing
Nader Ayyad
Evidence Based Practice
Chamberlain College of Nursing
November 2015

Clinical Question
Description of Problem How can we prevent horizontal violence in nursing? Horizontal violence has been described broadly as any unwanted abuse or hostility within the workplace (Becher, 2012). Horizontal violence in nursing is hostile, aggressive, and harmful behavior by a nurse or group of nurses toward a coworker or group of nurses (Becher, 2012). It is done through attitudes, actions, words or behaviors (Becher, 2012). Horizontal violence is categorized by the occurrence of a sequence of hostile incidents over time, as opposed to one hostile incident in the workplace.
Significance of the
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These articles provide great information about what horizontal violence can cause between nurses and their working environment. One thing nurses can do to help with horizontal violence is to confront the nurses (How to Stop Horizontal Violence, 2015). It’s hard to go through a type of bullying in the workplace. Confronting that person will make that person feel better about them selves because they took control of their self. A person cannot control how other nurses behave, but they can control their own behavior.
Methods Used The methods that were used in these articles were a survey. “A study by Wilson and colleagues (2011) found 61.1% of surveyed nurses reported horizontal violence observed between coworkers on their unit” (Becher, 2012). That is a large amount of people who are experiencing horizontal violence and there are ways it can be
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I believe that there are lots of ways to prevent horizontal violence between nurses. Some of the ways is inform the staff and nurses what horizontal violence is and that it is a huge issue going on around them. Some people might be bullying nurses or hurting someone’s feelings and not even realizing it. Informing the staff and everyone about the problem is the first step. Another way to prevent it from happening is to build confidence in yourself and defending yourself if someone is treating you unfairly (How to Stop Horizontal Violence,2015). Choose how you will behave and take control. Another way is not judge someone, and treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Sometimes thinking before speaking is a good reminder for people who don’t know that they can hurt someone from their words. My group members and I want to focus on how to prevent horizontal violence from happening, what are the health issues that can occur from it, and to just have more knowledge about this issue to hopefully stop it if we see it happening around