Horizontal Violence Essays

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Abstract Horizontal violence is a negative phenomenon that is increasing significantly in the hospital setting. It is defined as bullying, verbal and physical aggression that occurs to employees in the workforce. Horizontal violence has harmful effects on nurses as it lowers their self- esteem, and makes them feel as if they have no power in their career. This phenomenon also negatively impacts patient centered care and safety as nurses are more vulnerable to making medication errors and careless mistakes. Horizontal violence can be decreased in the hospital setting if interventions are implemented by members of the health care team. Education is key to decrease the occurrence of horizontal violence as it enables health care workers to …show more content…
35). If nurses and managers are well educated about horizontal violence in the workforce, the likelihood of this phenomenon will substantially decrease.
Collaboration is a strategy that members of the health care team can incorporate into practice to decrease the occurrence of horizontal violence in the workforce. “Collaboration is the antidote to the fragmentation that plagues our current health care system” (Gerardi & Connell, 2007, p. 17). Furthermore, Gerardi & Connell (2007) illustrated that nurses need to focus their energy towards growing relationships, which will in turn improve patient safety, develop healthier work environments, and may fundamentally alter the culture of health care towards a more caring and sustainable future (p. 17). Commonalities such as chaotic work environments, communication differences, lack of support, and conflicts between experienced and novice nurses may arise if collaboration is not successful between members of the health care team (Barrett, Piatek, Korber & Padula, 2009, p. 348). Gerardi & Connell (2007) explained that nurses are skilled in assessing, listening, empathizing, and supporting, so nurses need to recognize that they need to turn these skills toward their colleagues. If nurses are able to forward these skills towards their colleagues, a supportive and therapeutic relationship will develop. Nurses need to be able to collaborate efficiently with other members of the