Horror Story Essay

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Daniel Bergersen
English 2
27 January 2015

The Envious Enchanter A long time ago in a dystopian high school once inhabited by the studliest of students: Dan the man Bergersen, resided a retired English teacher. Chris Knight was a hermit of sorts who lived alone in a decrepit manor at the edge of town. Rumors were rife about the ancient wild-eyed man. Some townspeople believed that he was a demonic magician who called upon the powers of hellish darkness to wreak sadist havoc upon his neighbors. Others believed him to be a psychotic doctor who would stray from his residence in the eve of the blackest nights and pilfer a rotting corpse from the local cemetery to reanimate in a wicked satanic ritual of sorts. Because of these mysterious, nightmarish rumors, he was known as Mad Chris by his peers and especially the teenagers and children of the town. His name rang out in the most sinister of ghost stories and haunting tales aimed to frighten young children, and no citizen, young or old, dared to disturb his mansion. All was well as the villagers desperately restrained themselves from the strange, mysterious hermit, until one day, when a new family moved to the town, unaware of the potential danger lying alone in the darkest corner of the hamlet. The daughter of the family, Rachel, shined with a radiance and beauty only rivaled by the glowing, jubilant sun that lights the earth with dazzling rays of the purest light. Needless to say, Rachel was adored and envied by every soul new to her loveliness, especially the ancient recluse of the town. He showered the alluring maiden with only the most priceless, luxurious of gifts: goblets of only the purest gold, necklaces of only the shiniest pearls, and a vase of the most natural of crystal, housing a mystical, magnificent rose eternally animated through sorcery that almost compared to her immense beauty. Despite the invaluable gifts so intricately thought out by the demonic wizard-like character, the maiden ruefully disregarded the lavish offerings for the love of another, Geoffrey, a kind-hearted knight of a man who was of a very striking and burly stature. The two soulmates shared a love for each other so beautiful and unselfish, they rivaled Romeo and Juliet. In what felt like an instant, the star-crossed lovers eloped, leaving behind a string of envious townsfolk all craving with the utmost desire what Rachel and Geoffrey shared, especially Mad Chris, who longed obsessively for the beautiful bride, vowing to punish her for splitting his stone cold heart in scarred pieces of the pinnacle of hatred. Not a sliver of humanity or kindness remained in the nightmarish heart or soul of the hellish necromancer. The satanic powers of darkness rushed over him like a tidal wave of pure, ghastly wickedness, ensnaring his soul and mind in a cage of villainous monstrosity allowing Beelzebub to manifest his chthonic, devilish control over what once was Chris Knight. The love stuck couple returned from their joyous elopement and threw a lavish party for all to come and celebrate merrily with them. The entire town joined the couple for their jolly ball except the demonic troglodyte, plotting to arrive with the intent of sadist devastation for Rachel and Geoffrey. Wielding the full powers of nightmarish damnation, the deathly warlock engulfed in the powers of hellfire, summoned a