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Horror story10

On the way to work every day I would often drive past a small two story house on the corner of the long, windy country road. Every time I drove past it, I would look up at the window on the second story at all the dolls that were in there. It just seemed like some kind of addiction.
One day, when I was on my way home I was just about to past this small peculiar house when my engine had broken down right outside the small-secluded house, and I had forgotten my phone so I could not call the mechanic or my mother.
I looked up at the large window on the second story and all the dolls. They were black coloured hair with neatly plated hair in various shapes and sizes. I stood there for a minute mesmerised by the dolls, I stood there for moment thinking of my options, it seemed like my only two options where to go in and borrow the phone or walk home leaving my car there for the next morning.
As it was getting dark fast I had no alternative, but to knock on the door and to see if I could use their phone. I was really unsure of going I had a very bad feeling that I should not be here, because of the dolls or the small creepy house which was the only one in about 4 km of any other house I don’t know but on the other hand, I felt that it was brought here for a reason considering I broke down right in front of the only house on the road that.
I knocked on the large, solid wood door bye the time I had put my fist down the door was opened as though they new I was coming.
A very small, meek-looking woman around 70 years old, greeted me. Her bent figure and downbeat demeanour made her look older than what she probably was.
She told me to come in with a soft voice . The house was large with grand stair case straight up the middle of the hall way and brightly polished wooden floors. The ceiling was high with huge chandeliers ’ hanging from it. There were many pictures on the walls of men and women from preceding centuries dressed in different styles of clothing. Peculiar I thought
“How can I help you?” The woman said.
“I was wondering if I could please use your phone, as my car has broken down and I am unable to repair it.”
“I am afraid I don’t have a phone.”
“Oh ok, you can’t really help me then, I will have to walk back is it ok if e leave my car here till the tow truck picks it up”
“How far do you live?”
“I live about 8 miles from here.”
“You can’t walk that far, it is starting to get dark and it can get dangerous. Why don’t you stay here for tonight? I promise it won’t be to much of a Hassel for me”
I looked outside the window, it was getting dark, and I was in the middle of nowhere without any lights or a footpath. It would be quite dangerous to walk back.
“Ok that would be very kind of you, I hope I am no trouble?”
“No trouble at all, I like a bit of company now and then, I will show you to your room, you can shower, and I’ll get you some fresh clothes, then we will eat.”
The old lady took me down the hall and up the grand staircase and then she took me to my room When I came out of the shower there were some newly ironed clothes sitting on the bed. I picked up the clothes up with their coat hangers. There was a 50’s style short-sleeve shirt with long pointy collars and a pair of turned-up grey trousers with a crease that would cut your finger.
I was very tired as it had been a long day at work so I decided to lay down.
I was quickly alerted by what seemed to be many little girls crying. I tried to