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Zac Garcia
Ms. Lynch
Horror Unit Assignment
Period 9 #5
Out of all of these movies that we watched, there were many villains that caught my attention.
But, Kevin Spacey as John Doe in Seven was definitely the greatest villain. The way in which he went about his actions and how creepy he was really caught my attention. He was smart and relentless; two things that make a great villain. He made the detectives go through hours and hours of evidence just to find out his previous locations. Lastly, even at the end when you think he has been caught and his devious plan is finished, he finds a way to turn the tables on the detectives and verbally forces Brad Pitt to kill him. All of his actions throughout the movie prove that he was the best villain. #2
Out of all of the horror movies that we watched, I would say that Halloween was the least scary for me. Due to the lack of special effects and props, the killings were terrible. You knew when something bad was going to happen. There was no flow to the movie and it was just a bunch of different angled shots of Michael Myers stalking his prey. Movies such as The
Shining, The Exorcist, and Silence Of The Lambs all have great plots and are directed wonderfully. They also are more recent which allowed them to use these special effects and props due to technology. I would say it is a flaw that it wasn’t scary because if a movie is

supposed to be a horror movie it is supposed to scare people and if it isn't…