School Shootings

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As a student of the Horry County schools system, my concern of school safety has risen immensely. With all of the recent incidents involving school shootings that have occurred in the past few years around the country, what can Horry County do to improve safety in the school system? Every school system has its’ flaws in safety, but there are a few steps and precautions Horry County schools can take to avoid certain dangers.
When people hear about school shootings, the first question that pops up in their minds is “Why?” Although there are various reasons for all of the past school shootings, the main reason that drove most people to go on a rampage was being bullied or being lonely.
We can help others that are bullied and those who are lonely by having a program in our schools that can help them. We could have the No Bully program for grades k-12 and for college students; we can create a program to help those in need for friends.
People are not very cautious about their surroundings when it comes to school shootings. Shootings can happen to any school because people ignore the warnings or people are not cautious enough. On April 20th 1999, two students in Littleton Colorado went on a rampage and killed 13 others before taking their lives. Before they went on their rampage, they put multiple duffle bags that had several pipe bombs in the cafeteria the morning of their shooting. Had someone looked in the duffle bags, maybe the shooting could have been avoided. Before the Virginia Tech shooting, there were severe warnings about Seung-hui Cho that no one took seriously. Several times, Seung-hui Cho wrote about repeating the Columbine shooting and killing others, including himself. The only action that took place was to send him to therapy. When people talk about harming others or themselves, other people need to take