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Task 3 Emily Davidson
In a short space of time I believe that our piece covered most of the important aspects when marking the moment for the Emily Davidson tragedy.
In our performance everything was meant to be revolving round Emily in unusual ways. Questions were asked from gates and headlines were said out loud even though nothing had happened yet. I believe this could have been done more effectively if we made it to be more organised, as it was hard to tell that Emily was meant to be the centre of it all.
The first scene is when Emily is about to walk through the gates into the derby. Ben and myself represent the gates when Emily is about to walk through them. We tried to make it obvious that Emily would have loads of thoughts going through her head by using voice from random areas, e.g. “are you sure you want to do this”….”it could go wrong”. We did this to simulate Emily’s thought process.
Cross cutting to the next scene, Emily is in the middle of the crowd whilst everyone is shouting and placing bets, acting awkward and not really enjoying it the way you’re really meant to. I play the role of the paper man who shouts the headline of something that is yet to happen, “kings horse kills suffragette”, again representing her thought process.
Pretty much throughout the performance Emily’s face looks confused, anxious, worries; everything someone would look like and feel if they were about to attempt, what I would call a ‘stunt’ like this.

After the scene where all the betting’s taking place it then goes to the scene of the horse race. The positioning we used was congested rather than spread out as we wanted it to look like everyone