Horse and Old Town Essay

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The Horses
The Horse Fountain in old town was created by Bob Parks who I have had the pleasure to know most of my life. He has shown me all sorts of his collections at his house and such. I feel lucky to have someone like this to know while writing about art pieces in Old town Scottsdale and I can write about his art pieces. He has made 3 fountains in the Old town area and all are for Arabian horses. Since then he has not added any pieces to the area.

The color interests me since they are like a faded green and he chose four for the fountain that I picked. While the others have four and two horses running among the sidewalks and open gateways, the main fountain is photographed the most in Old Town. At night the under bellies of the horses are lit up giving a visual effect of perspective. At night the main part of the fountain looks like it is made out of bronze. During the day however the looks are of solid concrete.

I chose this while heading to the art walk because of the size of the horses. He made them to be life size and I forget how big horses really are and its amazing at the detail he put into the statue to make it seem so realistic in a sense. What is cool is that Bob put the horses in different stances, one running , prancing, and such.

When I see the artist next time I’ll ask for the reason of inspiration so maybe I may get such inspiration and create a masterpiece in old town. Statues I take it are harder to create more than paintings but I may be wrong