Horse Meat Essay

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M. Gorman

Horse Meat Consumption Ever since the recent scandal about meat imported from Europe containing horse meat it has raised a question to whether or not it is morally right to consume it. Many people’s thoughts towards this is that a horse is just another animal. However, to some people, it can be either against their religion to consume the meat of a horse or you could have a special emotional attachment to horses if you are an owner. To begin with, it is not uncommon to see horses being eaten around the world. For instance, countries across Europe, South America and East Asia tend to enjoy horse meat in a variety of dishes. Even Gordon Ramsay had an episode in a television series of his where he dedicated it to horse meat in an attempt to get British consumers to begin to purchase the meat. Horse meat is not only lower in fat than beef, but it also costs less. Also, it shares a similar taste to deer meat. Additionally, people who are a part of the Christian fate are not supposed to eat horse meat. The reason being is that it was suggested that horses had religious significance as they have been featured in religions before Christianity and they were linked to multiple gods. Despite the fact that the early Romans fed on the meat, it became taboo in England around the end of the eighteenth century; this was soon after pagan and Christian beliefs were both valid and were taught together. Last of all, the group of people who would