Horse shoeing P2 Essay

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P2 horse shoeing- Unit 7

Horse shoeing; is an artificial process which involves iron being applied to the bottom of the horses hoof. Horses can be hot or cold shod. Shoes are held in by nails of different length and sizes depending on different sizes on average shoes last 6 weeks and sometimes can be rest.
The need for shoeing is the direct concequences of domestication: that is; the working of a horse on hard roads or stony paths, which causes the wall to wear away at a greater rate than that at which it grows. Shoeing protects the wall from all wear but since it continues to grow, the foot becomes unduly long. If it is neglected. Lamness and loss of active life may result. The shod foot.
If shoes are left on for to long the pressure is likely to build up on the seat of the corn causing bruising and lameness. Also the angle of the foot would change.
Reason for shoeing;
Protection. Horse shoes can be used for protection against hard ground. Horses that have soft shoes are more likely to wear down, therefore they have shoes.
Grip: Event horses usually have studs applied to their hooves to help with grip; it also helps them to stop slipping over.
Condition: wet conditions can dampen horse’s hooves, whereas in dry conditions make the hooves hard.
Balance: horses that have poor balance can be corrected by being shod.
Medical reasons: remedial shoes can be used for horses with poor feet and also in conjunction with veterinary.

Hot shoeing: the procedure for…