Horses and Camels in Asia Essay example

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Essay March 9, 2014

Horses and camels are two animals that are today not recognized as highly as they were in the ancient times. They both played a significant role in Asia, in both military and trade. Horses and camels played in two different leagues, horses influenced military, and camels had largely affected trade and commerce. Mongolians had raised the finest horses in Asia, though they were not massive in size as we know today, they were incredibly agile. Camels had no direct correlation with the military, they mostly helped to facilitate trade and develop a strong trade link through the large continent of Asia. Nevertheless both had an extraordinary affect anywhere they went whether it was the Americas or Europe.

Horses played a huge role on the development of horseback warriors in Asia, not because of their size, but because of their other physical attributes. Soon after the invention of the wheel, the chariot was created, however they need an animal with the strength and speed to haul the chariot, those animals ended up being horses. The horses that the Mongols produced were not large, but hardy, their strength allowed them to tug these chariots over great distances and their speed. These horses made the best military-type animals against the militaries and defenses during that time period. Horses and camels had bring peace between the Chinese and the nomads (Mongolians) who had controlled the horse trade. The Chinese needed horses for military purposes, and on the other hand the nomads wanted to keep attacking China. So maintain peace the Chinese traded a tremendous amount of silk and other commodities like grains for large amounts of horses. The horses were equivalent to a peace treaty and the between the dynasties and nomads for many years. However, like everything nothing lasts forever, the Mongolians finally attacked and took over China, but after their fall the trade still continued.

Horses were also important within trading and times during trade. The horses the Mongolians produced were used to harsh weather and find food during these weather conditions. The horses had a good quality, which allowed them to find food under the ice, and snow, which was covering the steppes during the winter. Travellers with horses were able to manipulate this ability of the horses to help them find food on long journeys also. Horses not only help to travel along trade routes, but also had a massive value in the trade market during that time. The nomads who produced these horses were able to trade horses for an enormous price. Horses were an important commodity along the Silk Road, but also a very pricey one.

Camels were almost parallel to the horses, except for the fact that they couldn’t be used for military purposes, however they had qualities that made them unique. Thousands of years ago camels were domesticated to carry items and people over long distances. Camels are quickly recognized when you see the creature has humps.…