Hosp 594 Essay

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Week 5 Assignment
Chapter 12
Case Problem: 1
To maintain and hopefully enhance the appeal and quality of its area’s natural resources, the city council has decided that it needs to enact protective laws to help ensure its future tourism success. What specific laws and regulations might these be? Natural Resources are described in the Code of Federal Regulations (40 C.F.R.). The C.F.R. defines natural resources as encompassing land, fish, wildlife, plants, air, water, and other such resources belonging to, managed by, held in trust by, appertaining to, or otherwise controlled by the United States, any State or local government, or any foreign government. Natural Resource laws protect such areas as national parks and
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Understandably, these suites are quite expensive to build. Thus, reasonably accurate demand forecasts are essential. Byron C. has tentatively selected your city as a location for the first of these new suite concepts. As executive vice president of your city’s convention and visitor’s bureau, what method would you use to assist Mr. C. in making these crucial demand estimates?
First, I would highly recommend Mr. C to conduct a marketing research to analyze the demand and the supply of the need of having a new suite in a hotel with the listed features. Secondly, I would have Mr. C to report the historical data of any local hotels that might have any suites rooms and offer the same features. Finally I would have him consult the local companies and businesses to see if targeting the leisure, corporate or family market would be beneficial, affordable and profitable to the company.

Chapter 14
Case Problem: 1
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. are considering taking their first trip abroad. Deciding to buy a group tour, they find that some countries in which they are interested seem to offer a much better value than do others. Assuming that the ingredients of the tours being considered are very similar, what factors are likely to account for this price difference? The popularity of the location or destination is key in determining the price of the package. When a location is more popular, more often than