Hospice Nurse Vision Statement

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Vision Statement: Ever since I was twelve I have wanted to become a nurse. This has been my ultimate goal since my grandpa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The hospice nurse help treat my grandpa was a massive influence on my decision. She was a fantastic nurse who truly cared about her patient as well as the patient’s family. There were nights were she did not even go home because she wanted to make sure grandpa was in good hands as well as wanted to help out my family as much as she could in this very difficult time in our lives. Since that time in my life I wanted to be a nurse just like her, one that would make sacrifices to put my patients in the best position to succeed. My vision for the future is that I will work as an oncology nurse and help patients get through the difficult disease known as cancer. My family has had seven members diagnosed with cancer during my lifetime, that is why I will be able to put a personal touch in my treatment. I know how difficult and frustrating cancer is on both the patient as well as their family. That is why it is my mission for the future to be the best possible nurse that I can be.
Mission Statement: It is my mission to be a nurse who provides the best possible
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I have heard that when applying for nursing jobs they try to gauge your personality this is where my empathetic attitude will pay off and help me attain the job I have sought after for so long. I will continue to work hard in my studies as well as the work place. I will utilize the connections I have attained while working at the American Lymphedema Framework Project. They have told me that if I need a recommendation, they would be more than happy to provide me with one. This was made possible because I always to put my all into the work I was completing for them and it is nice to see that my hard work came to