Hospital Changing From Paper To Electronic Health Records

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Hospital Changing from
Paper to Electronic
Health Records


Improve access to records

Ensure immediate usage of information

Keep better track of prescriptions

Save money

1. The hospital does not have to pay to house all the paper records. 2. We also saved money on transcription services and staffing.

Current status of the project

We are currently in the process of scanning all of the paper records. 

We had to hire a third-party vendor, so that the process would be done quicker.

They are also helping with getting the best security for the EHR.


It has been difficult installing the new equipment and properly searching for information.

We hired a third-party to help with getting everything together.

They helped with coming up with the best strategy to go about converting. Describe your next milestone

In the next few weeks, all of the patients’ records will be in the system. 

Then, we will start the training on how to properly use the new

We will have a third-party come in and train everyone.

The training will be about 3 weeks long.

One person from the third-party will stay with us for 2 months, for any questions, concerns, or problems we run into.

This will insure everything continues to run smoothly.

Forecast the future of the project

I am hoping by May 15, we will have completely converted everything over to the EHR.

After everything is changed over, we will…