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Volunteering Experience 11-10-2014 I have been volunteering with the surgical services at the Veteran Hospital. I had a great experience with a lot of people, especially some patients who had touched my heart and make me remember them. Some of them were taken a bus to bring us some foods. I think this experience has been one most rewarding and very inspiring for me. My experiences with helping veterans with an online program called myhealthevet. This online program helps veterans to track their health records, talking to their doctors, making appointments and reordering medicine etc. Most of veteran are old and not very good at using computers and my job was to help them to register as new user of the myhealthevet program. I also did trouble shooting for those who did not know how to use navigate using computers. I also helped to make phone calls to the veteran to come into our office. I had mostly good experiences but also some experiences that were not preferred such as getting yelled at by a patients. I also helped out in the surgical service which I mostly assisted the employees there with the mailings and some side works such as excels, reorganizing their cabinets. Volunteering at the V.A. Hospital has given me a more understanding of the veterans and had an opportunity to meet a lot of people and patients. Some of the patients were still very young and on the wheel chair but never loose hopes of one day standing…