Hospital and Emergency Care Group Essay

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Case #5: Can This Relationship Be Saved?

Case #20: Emergency Care Group

Case Comparison of Case #5 and Case #20

Key Issues

Case #5- Can this Relationship be Saved?

The main key issues in case #5 is that the MMG system had not achieved its overall financial performance goals; therefore they experienced a big loss secondly the transition of new leadership became an issue. The difficulties of implementing the MBS business model in the Hospitals and Clinics division also became a very important issue. Having to come up with a strategy to improve the financial side and being able to focus on customers and relationships was not an easy task for them. Hospitals had a different approach of helping customers in
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It was a lot of tension inside the company. Expanding the company was not a major priority to Midwestern Health System. MMG tried to expand by getting into contracts with specialist to come into the company but that did not make the executive members of the MHS happy. Case # 20 wanted to expand their business that ECG was about growth. They could see their future of being successful, but they knew they could and wanted to do better. Investigating/researching the competitors was the strategy that ECG used to go bring growth to their company. Once you learn the pro and cons of the competitors, one takes that and makes improvements in your company.


One of the suggestions was for MMG (Lief Erickson) to follow what the plan said at all times. Try to see if one strategy works and then implement another strategy after the success of the other strategies. The leaders of MHS would develop a strategy and then implement another strategy before the other strategy could have some effect. MMG wanted to be included in meetings, because they felt like they were being left out. MHS brought in a company named, Deloitte & Touché to conduct a study on MMG to check their performance and finances. In addition, there was a discussion about selling MMG, because things seem to be getting worse having them around.

Steve Morgan decided that they needed to build a rapport with current and potential clients. ECG needs to be