The Story Of A Zombie

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Walking around in this air port just like I do everyday. Seeing the same zombies over and over everyday. I wonder if they have thoughts like I do? All they seem to do is limp and make grunting noise s. I wish I new what my name was before I turned in to a zombie. By the way I'm dress I must have been a athletic Mexican teen. The shirt I'm wearing says Pamlico wrestling I wonder what means. I wonder what I was like when I was human. I guess Ill see what my only friend is doing. We always meet at the shopping section of the airport. He is short and tan. I think he is either Mexican or
Philippino but I'm not sure because all we do is look at each awkwardly and sometimes grunt words. Today when I met him next to the Gap and the Best Buy he grunted out “huungrrry” . I looked at him with my eyes wide open and grunted “mmmee too”. He pointed to the a city witch we could see from the big cracked and almost all going window next the Gap. We started limping out the broken double doors behind the Best Buy. At the speed we are going to the city its going to take us forever to get there. When we got to the city I could smell the sent of human it smelled so good. The sent took me to a room that was deem I could barely see. We got to a door I kicked it open. As soon as I did I got shot in the arm by this guy blonde haired white kid. I went to attack him I grabbed him by the neck and went to bite him. He punched me in the face witch didn't hard because I'm dead. Right after he punched me