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Name: Yuanqing Li Date: 06/02/2013

Number of article: 1 Title: Hot Stuff

Briefly state the main idea of this article: This article shows that in the dramatic economic and social changes of the last decade have forced today’s companies to make change on the way they do the marketing. The author made eight examples about how to make these changes. Low-cost mobile marketing is perfect for small business, the company use text messaging to their target market. Online advertisement is another efficient way to increase attention on target market. The author also mentioned that company should change the target to boomers instead of older generation, because boomer lives in life styles that change fast. RSS is another way to get the feedback from the market and monitoring the actual update. Social networks offers an endless opportunity for marketers, help the company makes personality and maintain the customers’ interests. Advertise in unusual places is also an interesting method to do the marketing, just keep in mind that find the place that people are engaged. Do your homework before you want to reinvent your brand. Video blog also get popular among the blogosphere.

List three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea: 1. A baby boomer turn s 50 every 7 seconds, the population will grow by 25…