Hotel and Accommodation / Food Services Sector Essay

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The Australian business and tourism accommodation industry
●Industry size and structure-There are around 6,807 hotels in Australia in 2009, which would generate an overall industry employment figure of 188,000. The hotel industry’s estimated revenue is $14.4 billion. In addition, a high proportion of hotels have local suppliers, contributing to employment and income in their communities. The hotel industry’s estimated revenue is $14.4 billion.
●Role- Accommodation services provide 33.3 per cent of tourism’s gross value added to the Australian economy, worth $10.454 billion. There are 232,400 persons directly employed in the accommodation/food services sector of the Australian tourism industry and a further 12,000 are indirectly employed, meaning total employment in the Australian accommodation/food services sector is 244,400. In addition to providing employment opportunities for more than 270,000 people across the country, accommodation like hotels are significant consumers of locally supplied goods and services, and provide a valuable service as a meeting place and entertainment hub for both tourists and the local community.
●Industry trends and outlook-The number of hotels has declined over the last 10 years, and the industry is consolidating. Income growth in the industry has been minimal over the last 25 years, indicating that the industry is mature. Besides, hotels anticipate that employment levels are likely to remain the same over the next three years

A. Luxury hotels segment
A luxury hotel is a hotel that is upscale and typically costs more than the average accommodation.
In addition to the feature of highly-cost, a luxury hotel will provide many differentiated accommodation, such as exquisite room design, enlightened services and intelligent management system. Thus, luxury hotels are more likely to adopt a differentiated strategy rather than a cost-leadership.

B. Hilton vs. Four Seasons Hotel
| |Hilton |Four Season hotel |
|Size |Over 540 Hilton Hotels and resorts located in over 78 |Over 90 in 36 countries |
| |countries worldwide | |
|Geographical distribution |Hilton operates in U.S, Europe, Asia, and currently has|Four Seasons Holdings Inc. owns and operates a chain of hotels and |
| |hotels in more than 85 countries, it operate in over 6 |resorts in North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, |
| |continents |the Middle