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According to the Travel Association of America, Americans will spend almost $5 billion booking lodging accommodations online in 2003 and $8 billon by 2006. Given this dramatic increase on online booking, the Internet has become one of the most powerful marketing channels available to the hospitality industry.

Companies that leverage the power of the

Internet will attract more customers, generate more sales and ultimately surpass their competition. Who is Hotel eMarketing?
Hotel eMarketing is a full-service, digital marketing agency that specializes in promoting hotels and resorts online. We have worked with some of the world's leading hotels, vacation home rental companies, b&bs, inns, and convention and visitor bureaus. Our services include search engine promotion, Internet marketing, web design, e-brochure design and email marketing. The primary objective of these services is to assist lodging companies in

attracting, persuading, converting and retaining more customers online.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to help our clients gain and maintain market leadership online by:
• Maximizing website visibility
• Increasing website traffic
• Converting lookers into bookers
• Maximizing return on investment

The Online Marketing Challenge
There are literally hundreds of ways to promote your hotel online, including traditional search engines, pay-per-click search engines, travel websites, tourism sites, lodging sites, global distribution systems…and the list goes on.

The challenge of creating an effective online

marketing strategy is sorting through all of your options and selecting the right marketing mix to achieve maximum visibility, customer conversion and return-on-investment.


What Makes Hotel eMarketing Different?
Industry Expertise – Our focus on the hospitality industry has given us specialized knowledge of the online travel space, which translates into expertise that can help you maximize the marketing power of your website.
Online Research – Our online marketing plans are based on a proprietary process we call
RADAR: Research, Analyze, Decide, Act and Re-Act. By starting this process with research, we get a better understanding of how your customers search the Web and which websites they encounter along the way.

Using this knowledge, we can create an intelligent,

customized Internet marketing plan that will give you a distinct competitive advantage in your geographic market.
Conversion – Unlike most marketing firms that focus on “cool” design or flashy websites, we have taken online marketing to the next level by focusing on the most important function of your website - converting “lookers into bookers”. Our team of experts will work with you to make sure that your site is designed for the end user and will maximize conversion.
Return on Investment – The goal of marketing is to communicate a message to a specific target market, persuade that market to take action and do so in the most powerful and costeffective manner possible. Hotel eMarketing can assist you in selecting the right marketing mix for promoting your hotel online and help you maximize your ROI in the Web.

Our Client List
If a client list is any indication of success, then Hotel eMarketing has made its mark on the hospitality industry. We have worked with well over 100 hotels and resorts in every category of the lodging industry from budget hotels to four star resorts. For a list of references, just give us a call.
• Mobile Four Star, AAA Four Diamond Resorts Inn of the Anasazi, Santa Fe, NM
• Branded Hotels Hilton Hotel, Hilton Head, SC
• Independent Hotels The Palms and National Hotel, South Beach Miami, FL
• Budget Hotels Wellesley Inn, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hotel eMarketing provides two levels of online marketing consulting:
Level one focuses