Hotel Guests Or Trapped Victims Essay

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Lauren Crowther
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March 5, 2015
Professor. Mullally
Hotel Guests or Trapped Victims
The perfect life is one filled with happiness and love. Sadly, we cannot live a perfect life. There is always that one person, one thing, or one event that will shatter our dreams of a perfect life. For me, this one event happened when I was ten, whilst staying in a hotel with my family when it caught fire. I remember the smells, the sight, and mostly the sounds from the most dangerous situation in my life. It was a cold night in Yellowknife, normal like every other night. My sister, brother and I were all very excited for we were staying the night in a hotel. Something we rarely did. We all took turns jumping up and down on the bed before our parents told us it was finally time to get some sleep. I remember shutting my eyes and falling sound asleep when suddenly someone was shaking me awake. My brother across the room was quickly grabbing a sweater and looked scared. My mother looked down at me, panic streaked across her face, and told me to get out of bed and grab a sweater as fast as I could. I remember watching my parents, in such a rush to get us out safely, managed to keep calm and move effectively. As soon as we were all ready, dad grabbed my hand and we rushed out the door.

Stepping out into the hall with the flow of strangers was the part I found the scariest, from watching everyone gripping onto their loved ones, and the slow shuffle of everyone’s feet. The facial expressions all ranged from blank stares, streaming tears, and crippling fear. The constant ringing of the fire alarm scared us all and dared anyone from forgetting the dangerous situation we were all in. I remember looking up and expecting my dad to be scared but he seemed just as calm as he did in the hotel room. That gave me the strength to push forward and hold my fear back.

The next hurtle to hit me was the smell. There was…